"An absolutely wonderful experience."

Rider Reviews

Capital Tour


“No hassle of driving to Harrisburg, dealing with traffic, or parking”



“Very convenient and everything was on time”

Farm Show


“My 5-year-old great-grandson enjoyed the Farm Show and the experience of seeing all the animals – and the food was delicious!”

Farm Show


“I loved not having to take my car! The price was right. We took the shuttle to the Farm Show and walked everywhere else.”



“Absolutely a wonderful experience. Told some friends and they are interested in joining us on the next trip.”



“It was so convenient! We enjoyed the train ride and didn’t have to worry about driving our car”

HBG to Lancaster


“We really enjoyed the train ride and scenery between Harrisburg and Lancaster.”



“It was nice not having to worry about driving myself and finding parking and driving back after a full day.”



“The train ride was great and the shuttle buses were on time!”

Farm Show


“We enjoyed the animals and food at the Farm Show. The shuttle bus from the train station really made our trip possible.”

No Stress


“The train is a great way to take the stress out of traveling.”



“It's so easy with WiFi and electric outlets. You’re there before you know it. It's so much better than driving – especially into Philadelphia.”